Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow Day Latte Art

Yesterday was our first sizable snow of the winter. I was scheduled to work in the afternoon at Amore, and was prepared to have a slow day. More people made it out for coffee than I expected, but my coworker Blair and I still had plenty of time on our hands. I've been working on latte hearts a bit lately and decided it was time to do a video of one. The result is pictured above. We also did a video of Blair doing a rosetta. Thanks for going there with me, Blair!

Until yesterday I'd never tried to do a rosetta on a macchiato. These are my first attempts. It's kind of challenging and a lot of fun to pour art this small!

I know this is real coffee geek stuff, but what better way to pass a snowy afternoon than honing our skills?


Myra said...

Hey Paul, I think your coffee art is so cool! Can you do it in a cocoa? What can you do for us non-coffee drinkers?

paul said...

I can do it on a hot chocolate, but only if I don't stir it. That woule mean that it would be pretty, but all the chocolate would still be at the bottom. There are some etching (drawint with a sharp object as opposed to pouring) options available to hot chocolate, though.