Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Puttin' on my fightin' boots

This is a new game around here. It's called "fighting boots."Gibbie and Ezra one day spontaneously started putting boots and shoes on their hands. Gibbie exultantly explained they were playing fighting boots. They knock their booted hands together. They also parade around the house, boots held high in the air.
I think this game originated in checking One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish from the library. Yup. This game is a literary reference. You see, there we read, this is our gox. He likes to box. We box in yellow gox box socks. Luckily, they don't yet have any idea that real boxing means hitting each other's heads, not just hands, and trying to knock each other out. Nope. In their world, fighting means me tapping my boot against yours and laughing. A lot. Whew. Let's not clue them in any time soon.

A corollary game is called "spitfight." Also blessedly, not a real fight! They just stand by the rocking horse, spitting on the carpet, with Gibbie shouting laughingly, "we're playin' spitfight!!!!) I made a new rule that you can only spit in a bucket, not the carpet. (the standard spitting rule in our house is one may only spit outside, in the toilet, or in a wastebasket.) Paul was amazed that I would allow a game like spitfight at all!
I was telling a friend about these games and she said, "wow, they're such boys!" I hadn't thought of it that way. C'mon, you're telling me everyone doesn't have rules about where you can spit in the house?

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amanda said...

That is too cute!! Makes me wish my little one had a brother.