Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gibbie says.... on teachers

These are candles we decorated and gave as gifts to two of Gibbie's teachers. Gibbie mildly enjoyed sticking the wax on the candles. Breifly. He would have had more fun with this one had I held less of an agenda; i.e., I really wanted to be the one to decorate them, my way, not his. Next time we'll do free-form fun candles!

So today he came up with this:
I have two teachers. A lot of people have just one teacher, but I have two teachers.
Treehorn in the Shrinking of Treehorn, (really weird book that Gibbie and Paul love) he has one teacher. But I have two.
That's my favorite.

Alas, two of his teachers we have grown to love will be working elsewhere next semester! We will miss them so much!
Merry Christmas! Be warm and joyful!

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