Thursday, December 20, 2007


We've been doing this a lot lately. Sitting on the couch, reading. It's cold outside. We're nice and cozy inside. We have so many good books. Ahh, yes, and such hefty library fines. (shh... don't tell Paul!)
I was just reading in Mother Earth News about bears hibernating: they don't eat all winter long! Sometimes they amble out of their den on warm days, even wake up briefly to give birth, but they just go right back to sleeping! Their heart slows way down, even to only ten beats a minute. Their body temperature drops. Super chill. They just rest.
Ezra's catching the reading bug too. I think I read him Piggies and The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, his current favorites, a dozen times each today. He cries if I can't read him his request immediately!
Often we read on the couch, of course, but I also find myself reading sitting on the floor, in the bathroom, at the kitchen table, in restaurants. There's also reading when we don't have the desired book with us: from memory. Yup, there are quite a few titles that both parents and child can recite word for word.
Now, we will be reading lots more on our big family bed. Yesterday, I would have said little family bed, but our friend Liz donated (almost; a long-term loan until she returns to us from South America) a comfortably amazingly wonderful big beautiful queen bed to the nonprofit fund for the Relief and Comfort of the Entire Bear Family and all their Backs.
Speaking of hibernating, catch you later.

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Maria said...

Hi Libby,
I remember reading without books too. "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton was an early favorite.