Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Kitchen

So remember this kitchen when we first got this house? (Same view in following two pics.)Paul wanted the kitchen to be yellow; "Gram's-making-oatmeal-raisin-cookies-I-hope-yellow. " We ended up going a little mellower, because the kitchen tends to be such a flurry of activity anyway. I still hope the pantry (thank God for the wonderful pantries in this house!!) will be that yellow-yellow when we get around to it. No hurry.There were no appliances, and the walls were rotting apart, and everything was dirty and mousy, we are just so thrilled with how it all turned out! Paul put in the cedar panelling, which was salvaged by my ever-resourceful father from someone's trash. We sanded and refinished it, and it's so nice and warm feeling. Under a few layers of plastic and linoleum were real wood floors, worn but solid. Paul put in lovely lights where there were none, in just the right places, and a great sound system for listening to all our favorite public radio stations.
The hutch and butcher block we thought of while trying to imagine how this kitchen may have first been in 1900-- probably not built in cabinetry, but simple freestanding furniture if any, and a big table? The butcher block (craigslist) is awesome for kneading, chopping, rolling, grinding, all of which happen a lot in this kitchen!