Monday, December 3, 2007

Riding the Range

Yesterday Ezra started riding wild horses. He climbs up all by himself and rocks happily and carefully.

This morning he wanted to wear real shoes. He's been trying vainly to put Gibbie's shoes on for a while. At Ezra's age, Gibbie refused to walk if we put hard-soled shoes on him, so we just kept bringing his leather-soled knitted booties to Oma for repairs until it got warm enough he could go barefoot and eventually forget about his dislike for shoes.
Ezra's all about the shoes. This morning, getting ready for the day, he carried a shoe over and we just couldn't resist. We got the small sizes of shoes up from the basement and he loves them! All day, now, he is bringing over shoes to us and wanting them put on his feet, even if both feet are already well-shod.

Here he simultaneously demonstrates his climbing and shoe-wearing skills.

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Anonymous said...

Go Ezzers!
I can't wait to come see you and Gibbie.
I love my boys!