Monday, December 10, 2007

The Bag Lady in Santa's Workshop

Seems I'm always schlepping so much stuff around. Really, this is typical for my bag--It's stuffed with diapers, extra pants, and items necessary for my sanity (sketchpad, book, bible) Strapped on to the outside, I've got the full water bottle, my knitting bag, a pouch for wet things, and Gibbie's purse with our snack. Seriously, people ask me all the time, "Where are you going?" I guess other people don't carry forty pound bags around with them unless they're going out of town.
This little number is a Christmas present in the works. I don't know what made me think I could whip out three or four pairs of slippers and socks for the holidays when I'd never turned a heel before. That's right, when I finish it, this little beauty will be my first sock ever! Needless to say, this is the only pair that will make it under the tree this year. But it will be worth it! It's a lovely pattern, lacy and beautiful. The yarn is great; a pretty color, springy and durable. These socks will be luxurious, as they should be. They are for my dear friend the soldier, and I want something wonderful that she can take with her and use wherever she goes!
Speaking of socks, If you've never knit one; they're amazing to make! You knit the leg part, and then making the heel is this amazing and very satisfying little magic trick! I'm just amazed that I can make such a tidy, efficient, three-dimensional object, fitted to snugly wrap around a human foot. It's pretty great. I hope she loves them!

I've also noticed that I rarely post my artwork here. Odd, as showing my art was one of my main objectives in having a blog. The reasons are three-fold:
1. I mostly only think about a piece as I am doing it, or when I am dreaming of doing it. While I make it, I am consumed with that process. When It's done, I show it off to whomever is near, and then forget about it as I move on to my next project.
2. Paul's photography is way better than mine. I don't want to post crappy pictures of my beautiful art. Photography is not my medium. Why should it be when Paul loves it and I don't? When does he take pictures? When we're out doing stuff. The best time to photograph art is in full daylight, when he's at work.
3. Flat work would be way easy to photo if we had a scanner. This should be a post of it's own; I'm drawing a painting again! I haven't had the capacity or mental space to do this since the kids came along, so this is really exciting for me!

Paul and I talked about this and he says he actually really wants to shoot more of my art, so maybe I'll be showing off a bit more around here. Rest assured, whether you see it or not, it's happening. I never thought my art was a need, but I notice that I do fill up all the little cracks in our life with making things, one way or another.

Psst--That last post, with the kids in the kitchen--was me, not Paul. Oops.

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mandy said...

i love the socks, libby, they're beautiful! thank you. reading your blog is magical for me. i wish i could jump right into it and sing along.