Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Words

I'm going to post a list of Ezra's first words. If I don't write them down now, by the time I do he will have too many to list, and we will have forgotten which ones came first. Most of them are hard to catch, if one isn't an intimate acquaintance of Ezra's. But we are certain that they are real words. Except when he's singing, which is usually while he reads himself a book, he doesn't babble much. If he comes out with a single syllable, pay attention to it; it's probably very important to him.
Mama Papa
Read Hug
Light Up Milk

It's like his first poem, no? Hug is the name of a book, not the action. He will walk around the house saying, "hug." as clear as can be, but he doesn't want a hug. Nope, he wants to find that book. He asks for a real live hug by leaping into our arms and snuggling joyfully.
He also says, "Puff the Magic Dragon," but to muggles it sounds like, "ra-rah. Gah. Dah." He also does some vigorous head shaking to signify a negative. And a lot of pointing.