Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conserving at the AmericInn

A while ago we spent a rare treat of a night in a hotel. Gibbie loves hotels, by the way. You know: the pools, ice machines, movie stars; all that glamour. Anyway, at the prestigious AmericInn in Mennomonie, Wisconsin, (Mana-mana.) I found there has been a change in the graphic design of the complimentary products.I don't know how legible these are in the photo, but they read,

Soap up and sink into soothing suds.
Energize with a lively conditioning shampoo.
A lotion to unwind your body and mind.
and, Rinse away the travel day with this facial bar.

I like a few things about these. They're cute. It's nice when even not-luxury places at least try to make it seem like they care that you have a nice time. I like the stars.

They came along with a new Do Not Disturb sign, the back of which mentioned that AmericInn tries to conserve energy and resources and encouraged us to do the same. They have a policy that on extended stays, they only do the laundry every three days.

My first thought was that if they really wanted to conserve, they wouldn't give away all these plastic disposable containers, but would install refillable dispensers of these products. And use real mugs, or at least paper cups instead of styrofoam ones. And about a hundred other things.

My second thought was that this is one of the only evidences I have seen of any business in that town trying, or even claiming to try, to conserve resources. Even if they're only being cheap, conservation is a great way to be cheap!

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