Friday, January 25, 2008

He's a Kid

Recently, we turned Ezra's car seat around. Little babies' car seats face the rear of the vehicle. When they get to a certain size, you've got to turn them around. Because of this and many other reasons, Gibbie has ruled that his brother is no longer a baby. We may not refer to him as such. "But he's not a baby; he's a kid," he explains.This is a long-awaited development. It was a moment of joy when Gibbie realized for the first time that Ezra wouldn't always be a baby, but was growing into a child, just like him. We had a lot of "is Evra a kid, yet?" conversations. Gibbie has decided that the wait is over.

Our dear Ever is turning out to be a book hound just like the rest of his family. Just as we are finally R-T-G (ready to go!) I turn and see little Ezra, booted, hatted, and mittened, with a small volume clutched between his mitts. He likes all kinds of books, and has a rotating stock of favorites. He so adores our Puff the Magic Dragon ("rah-rah, guh. dah"), a Christmas gift from Grammers, that he reaches up towards the high shelf where we keep it to prevent it's being torn again. He tries to climb the shelf, and croons along with the song when we finally read it.
Ezra is on the cusp of speech. The explosion is coming. He has many words, which he uses infrequently and which only those well acquainted with him can interpret. He toddles around the corner in search of Papa, book in hand, saying, "Reee, booh." If Papa doesn't respond quickly, he takes Paul's hand and gently places the book into it. Books are already his diversion, his joy, his succour and refreshment. We're just going to have so much fun here.

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