Friday, February 1, 2008

Paul Does a Craft!

Those of you who tune in to The Full Cup for Libby's great creations and do your best to slog through or skip over my technical automotive, biking, or espresso posts - Wait! I did a craft! I got tired of waiting for Libby to make me a nice cover for my ESV Bible, so I did it myself.

Bibles can take a beating in our household, mostly because we carry them around so much. We were talking once with Libby's Rhodes-scholar-semi-genius-friend about Christianity and he was amazed at how well we knew where stuff was in the Bible (though I don't think we're all that unusual in this regard). He said, "I don't know if I've ever known any book that well." My response was that if he knew of a book he could read that would tell him about God and the meaning of life and stuff like that he'd probably read it all the time too. He agreed. My Bible is also a tool for me. I lead a Bible study with a handful of youth once a week for which I prepare and study. I also am writing some new songs for our church and get my text from the Bible. So yeah, it gets a lot of use and abuse.

I made the cover out of some leather that Libby bought at a thrift sale across the street from where I was buying our Mercedes last spring. (We both got what we wanted that day!) I made the cover (with much help from Libby) by folding one end of a rightly-sized strip of leather and sewing it together with a whip stitch. I used a glover's needle and synthetic sinew. The flap holds the front cover of the Bible.
The single piece of leather wraps around the cover back to the front side. I wanted it to have a curved flap on the end. I thought a big plate might help me make the desired curve, but it wasn't quite big enough. I used our pizza stone instead. The tuck-in strap to close Bible was my idea. It mostly works, but might need some improvement if I wanted it to stay shut more reliably.

Overall I'm pleased with the result. I didn't have to buy a cover since Libby had all of the materials already, and I feel like the Bible will stand up to being thrown in my bicycle panier bag much better than it would have otherwise.

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Katie Johnson said...

Hello fellow Johnsons,
Just trying to relearn how to wear Lucy on my back and got totally engrossed in your blogging. Paul, if you want other ideas for how to latch your bible cover closed, talked to Peter. He's done a lot of leather work and has used different latches for different things. I think the one he used on my sheet music case would work especially well. I don't know how to describe it though...ask him.