Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Java Train Day

One of the lofty goals Libby and I have for our lifestyle is regular individual project time. Gibby and Ezra are the reasons why it's a lofty goal right now! Once a week I take the boys for an afternoon while Libby gets to work on whatever she wants. This is kind of a double blessing in that I not only get a time for my stuff once a week, but I also get this special time with the boys (which I often end up enjoying more than my "free" time.)

Almost every time we go to Java Train coffee shop. The coffee's average, but the toys are great! And the kid's love it.
There is an actual Java Train play place shaped like a box car filled with stuff to do. It's two stories high and has a seasonally changing model train village on top. Pretty cool.When I'm not playing with the kids, I usually get a head start on planning Bible Sutdy for the next week and muntching on animal crackers with Ezra.


eeverman said...

I love the Java Train. My only regret is that the place is a bit too small to use as a remote office and their table tops are a bit small. So, I usually end up at Coffee Grounds. Great place though, I love their ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Ah - crackers. I think the boys might think of Grammers when they think of crackers. :)

Love you guys!