Monday, February 18, 2008

Sustainable Communities!

I heard about a conference on sustainable communities, here in St. Paul, and I am just so excited about it!
The conferences topic tracks include:
  • School, congregational and neighborhood organizing
  • Watershed Education / Restoration
  • Gardening / Greening / Urban Forestry
  • Transportation—Walking / Biking / Transit Use / Active Living by Design
  • Energy Conservation / Green Buildings / Renewable Energy
  • Local & Sustainable Food Systems
  • Zero Waste Initiatives, Greening Your Business, Green Careers
  • Developing a Community-wide Sustainability Plan
Doesn't that sound great?! To be honest, I started to highlight the topics I was most interested in, but then most of them were highlighted!
I am especially interested in Gardening, Greening, and Urban Forestry. I've got our little food and flower garden in our neighbors' yard, but have been hoping and waiting and praying for more opportunities to work on this kind of stuff in our larger community, with other people, both more and less experienced than me!
Is anyone interested in going with me to this conference? It's March 8th, at Augsburg College, here in the Twin Cities, and it's free.
***I've fixed the link above for the conference; sorry it didn't work before***


schauers said...

Hi you guys! If I'm free I would be interested in it. We can talk about it later.

Natalie said...

Hey Libby, I was also planning on checking this out and I would love to go with you.

MamaBear said...

Great! I'll call you guys.
Anyone else interested? Maria?
Don't be shy if we've never met--the more the merrier!