Friday, February 8, 2008

Will Bike for Food

Did I ever say that I love to bike? Probably.
Recently I got some nifty bags for my bike that allow me to carry a lot of groceries. Pictured here is one of those black bags made by Trek. The other one is an old Blackburn brand bag that has largely replaced my backpack for daily use. The bike, rack, and older bag are courtesy of our Liz who moved to Argentina. One side benefit of having a lot of missionary friends is that at some time or another they tend to get rid of most of their worldly goods. (We really do miss you though, Liz.. and Kimber & Andy... *sigh*)
It's exciting for me to go to work in the morning by my own foot-peddling power, make some money, stop at the Co-op and get some good organic food, and pedal it home to my family.


Anonymous said...

The first thought that came to me after reading this blog is simply "I love you, son."

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I just had to remove my only carring thing on my bike. My crappy plastic handlebar basket. It was inhibiting the cables... I cried.