Monday, March 10, 2008

Real Quick and Good

a raised German pancake. Hearty and filling, I serve it for breakfast and dinners when I'm in a hurry. It takes very little time to prepare, so we just whip it up and get dressed while it cooks. This makes just enough for me and the two little kids if we're really hungry. Or Paul and I and kids if we're not too hungry. If I were alone, I'd do 2 eggs with 1/2c. flour and 1/2c. milk, in a smaller skillet. A big gathering, just double.
3 eggs
3/4 cup flour
pinch of salt
3/4 cup milk
lump of butter
Turn oven on to 350 F. Put butter (a spatch or two!) in your trusty cast iron skillet and set in oven to melt. Whisk milk and eggs together, stir in flour with salt. Pour into hot skillet, bake 15-30 minutes, till puffed and just starting to get golden. Set table and pour drinks, to eat just when it comes out, as it rises and falls like a souffle. Call, "pannekuchen!" Serve and eat piping hot!

Options: I like to toss some fruit in the skillet before I pour in the batter. My favorite right now is pears with a sprinkling of cardamom. Then we eat with maple syrup. (I'll bet the first run of the maples is starting right about now around here. Anyone know?)

Quick alternative to a box of Macaroni and Cheese, when you need something that quick; and a bit more nutritious, I think, as it is so fresh with no preservatives, and when I need a quick meal I do want some protein. A great nursery food too, as children love mild things.
Cook small pasta al dente. Acini de Pepe are good-tiny round pasta. I usually use small shells or break up sphaghetti.
While it's cooking, grate a bit of cheese.
Drain pasta and put quickly back into its cooking pot.
Break an egg or two, one for a small pot, two for a lot, right into the hot pasta. Stir up quick till whites and yolks are all blended into pasta. Cover when mixed. It blends together, and coats the pasta, cooking from the residual heat of the noodles and pot.
Stir in or top with cheese, pepper, garlic salt, or whatever good and tasty things I might have on hand.

Options: I also put in some vegetables chopped small if I want this to be a whole meal; for the winter carrots, parsnips can go in the cooking water; mushrooms or squash I would saute separately. In the summer I would just toss with fresh veg from the garden.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm, maple syrup.

I'm pretty sure the fam's gonna start up operations soon-- the weather's right when it freezes at night and thaws in the day. I'm sad to be missing it, but maybe I'll catch the tail end over spring break.