Tuesday, March 4, 2008

every day, it's a gettin closer

goin' faster than a rollercoaster. Spring is coming, folks! Okay, so it's not actually warm yet, and all the sidewalks are ice and everything is white and grey, but have you noticed the birds singing? Listen to them! They know something!

And have you noticed the light? There's more of it! And it's a more golden color! Those snowbanks are a bit smaller every day. Soon, there will be rain. and sunshine.

To enjoy the light without cold, we like to go to the Como Conservatory. Delight of delights! Warm, humid, and flowering! They way to do the zoo or conservatory with kids is to slow down. I am finally learning this. Even at little Como, we don't need to see all the exhibits each time we go. If you sit and watch, you'll see more. In the Tropical Encounters (rainforesty, new exhibit, nothing between visitors and animals) we sat and watched, and found

birds on the ground as well as the air, poking around for worms.
The nest of a little songbird. (It pays to talk to those neglected volunteers; they spend lots of time there and know all kinds of things. He showed me many different kinds of birds, and described the one with the nest as "that small, very noisy little guy.")
Many mice about the forest floor; this may have been my favorite part. Mice can also be seen amongst the lions, while they are sleeping!
Birds taking baths.
They eyes of the stingray.
The strange gill holes of the coi.

I do hope Paul posts more of our pics from the conservatory. Such a pleasant way to walk and soak up sunshine!

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