Friday, October 19, 2007

Loverly Yarn

More of this gift yarn, so beautiful!
This is a soft wool-mohair blend. It's silky, prettily shiny, rainbowy, and downright Waldorfy! I'm making it into a dreamy gift for a certain little girl I know.

The lady in the yarn shop said to use it to make a felted bag, as I didn't have enough for a very big project and don't want to use it for hats and mittens. As soon as I knit a swatch, however, I knew that I couldn't allow this lovely stuff to be felted! All matted up and muddled, imagine! I will allow no such thing.

I found that garter stitch shows off the texture, glossiness, and colors of the yarn better than stockinette, so one thing led to another and the perfect use just showed itself. More to come.

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