Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Goat Milk Latte!

This is something I've allways wanted to try. Coffee shops are known for having too many choices (size, flavor, drink type, etc.). Milk is one of those choices. "Would you like that latte with whole, skim, 2%, soy, rice ...?" Why not goat milk? I've joked about it in the past, but now thanks to a free sample from a local dary company, I got to try it!

I'd never had goat milk before, so I tasted a bit of the cold stuff before starting the latte. It didn't taste like cow's milk, but it wasn't that weird either. It felt thinner than whole milk.
Steaming it went pretty well. The microfoam was nice and tight. It poured really well, though I ended up making a little more foam than I'd expected. That makes sense if it's not as fatty as whole cow's milk. The foam seemed to break down a little quicker than cow's which lead to a somewhat embossed looking rosetta after a couple of sips (pictured above).

How did it taste? Good! At first I couldn't really tell that it was an unusual latte. After getting past the initial crema and cooling a bit, there was a little more "goaty" taste, but certainly not as much as the straight cold goat's milk.

I'd say it was a great success. In my mind it tasted way better than soy or rice. The steaming characteristics were much more favorable than these milk substitutes. I think the hardest part is selling it to the customers - getting past the weirdness factor.

I had two takers this morning.

ps - Sorry about the crummy image quality. I only had my phone with me to document this event!


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Do u know where i could get a goat milk latte in NYC?

paul said...

Unfortunately, I don't know anywhere where you can get a goat milk latte! (I've also only been to NYC once, and don't know the coffee scene there at all... I hear cafe Grumpy is good.)