Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm reading

Family adventure day at Bull Run Coffee; the young artist.
I'm reading a critical study of Oscar Wilde by Arthur Ransome:
"The artist himself, for all his gift of tongues, is not blinded by the descending light to the plastic qualities of the existence that fires his words and is itself intensified by his speech.  He, too, moves in walled town or on the green earth, and has a little time in which to build two memories, one for his fellows, and another, a secret diary, to carry with him when he dies."
We are enjoying Willem sooo much!
 "No man's life was crossed by Wilde's without experiencing a change.  Men lived more vividly in his presence, and talked better than themselves.  No common man lives and dies without altering, to some extent, the life about him and so the history of the world.  How much wider is their influence who live their lives like flames, hurrying to death through their own enjoyment and expenditure alike of their bodies and their brains."

Hoping to make more candles before Easter
"His personality was stronger than his will."  This describes me these days.  I'm leaning into Lent.
We've been playing a lot of Monopoly.  Sometimes it's rough.
Need a friend?  Willem is available for talking.