Sunday, February 24, 2013

Auntie Mary Says

My sister Mary whispered to me today, "Demons aren't scary.  They're just little punks."
I think she's right.  She really helped me out a lot today.  That girl has spoken some really sensible things to me lately.  Thanks, sister!

A local landmark
By the way, I didn't mean anything derogatory about punks at all! I love me some punks. 
I love how much shooting Paul has done in the neighborhood because of his show.
Speaking of little punks, this one sure can climb the walls!
Things I love about February:
-the yellow sunshine
-ice melting on the sidewalk, because of that golden light.
-birds singing spring songs--ahh sweet music!
-chopping up ice on the sidewalk with my ice slicer, just like my Grandpa Roy made me do.  So satisfying!
-being inside a lot, reading cozily on the couch with my kids.
-making origami and cut paper art.
-Lent.  Simplifying.
-Indoor projects
-garden planning
-Hot drinks after playing in the snow outside!
-Organizing our house with my housemate Jess!
"THINK".  Soon it will be spring again! 
It doesn't look like this outside now!
Here in Minnesota, it's been a beautifully snowy white February,
lit with golden sunshine and blue skies.
Willem is exploding with language!  New words every day!  Today I discovered he can identify all the major body parts of our rabbits.


Kimberly said...

Nice, yes, Mary has wisdom sometimes. ;o). Good to hear what you're enjoying about February. Sometimes it's just important to remember the things for which we're grateful.

Egypt said...

Thank You