Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty Happy Funny Real: Birthday, Funeral

Pretty is Natalie at her recital.  It was lovely to hear how much she's learned!  She's playing beautifully and bountifully.


 Paul's Grandmother, Joyce Marine, died this month.

She died peacefully and well. We are grateful for her.

Grandma Joyce's house with dear family

This photo was taken under the Ford bridge.  It reminds me of a sanctuary.

Happy is Ezra's Long-Awaited Much-Anticipated Sixth Birthday, which was also this month.

He asked for a Blueberry Cake.  Repeatedly.  He said he did not want blueberries inside of it, but on top of it, a plain cake, with frosting.  I did all this, and thought the cake turned out beautifully.  For some reason it failed to please its honoree.  But he was quite pleased by the rest of his birthday!

There was a parade going right down our block the morning of Ezra's party!  Here we are, on the bed of Paul's truck, watching for its advent.

Funny is our Little Willem.

He likes tangling himself up in string.

He likes shoes, likes clapping.

 Happy is a wonderful place in the woods.  Quite hidden, with forts.  I won't tell where it is.  Ever.

Happy is family together: Grandpa Bill, Gibbie, Willem, and Ezra.

round button chicken


lindsey gallant said...

Some of my best childhood memories are of those hidden places in the woods! :) Lovely photos, and may God comfort your hearts at this time.

MamaBear said...

Thank you so much.
He is so good.

Anonymous said...

The photo of Grandma's bedroom made my heart stop for a moment. Love it! Thanks!

Leila said...

Many memories. Very sweet!