Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why don't we cut his hair?

He may spend most of his days looking like a tiny absent-minded professor, but on rainy days, or freshly out of the bath, I just can't get enough of these curls!
By the way, Ezra's word list now includes:
Read! Duck. Bird. Car. Boot. Shoe. Back! (this means to hit, as well as go back.) Water. Hot. Spoon. Again. Oma. Opa. Sock. Pants. Shirt. Off. On. Bye. Hi. Truck. Man.
Bonk. Pig. Dog. Nonny.
Guy. Pocket. Scoocher. (his little bike.) Gibbie. (whom he usually still calls Ezra for reasons we like to speculate upon.)
Evra. (Ezra) Poop. Ball. Down.
Guitar. Cake.
Certainly, these are not all legibly pronounced, and a stranger mightn't understand a single one of them.
He likes pointing out a picture on his shirt, practicing his newfound jumping skills, and putting things in his pocket.

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Anonymous said...

He can say Mary now too!