Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look Close

Have you seen the inch worms?
Inching up the trees?

This little caterpillar has little sets of legs, in front and in back, and his middle humps up as he draws his back legs up to his front legs.

You can see the legs even better with a magnifying glass. (a great tool for a little one's expotition rucksack!)

Now is the time to find these little guys, if we keep our eyes open.
Paul found this one on a tree trunk.
Last week Gibbie found one in mid-air, suspended above our path from a silken, unseen thread.

One dropped in my lap during a recent picnic outing!

Some of them turn into lovely moths, others eat all the leaves from the quaking aspens. (I wonder if the aspens quake for fear of the tent worm!)

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