Sunday, July 15, 2007

Papa's Papa

That's how my dad described himself to Gibbie today. He drove over for an afternoon visit with us. We went to the Cherokee Sirloin Room and then Cafe Juliana, both on the same corner of St. Paul's west side.

I forgot my camera, but did have my phone to capture a bit of the domino playing with Grandpa Bill, Gibbie, and Mama. I think everyone had a great time. Part of our conversation had to do with the mechanical bent of my Dad's family. While Libby's ancestors were farmers, most of the men on my Dad's side of the family were machinists and engineers (although one was a successful musician). I grew up seeing my dad work on cars, but as he pointed out today, he didn't systematically educate me in auto mechanics. Now he sees me working on diesels, which he doesn't know much about, and guesses that it's only natural.

Cafe Juliana used to be Old Man River Cafe. It's still a great space, and the coffee's still about average.


Anonymous said...

You guys were about 2 blocks from our house and didn't stop in to say hi?

I've been wondering about that cafe - kid friendly or no?


Kevin said...

How was the Cherokee Sirloin Room? It always looks like some odd Sunday brunch type place.

Anonymous said...

About Libby's ancestors: My Grandpa Herb, Adelia's husband, was a mechanic who worked for Minnesot Mining, which later became 3M. My grandpa Jack, my Mom's dad, owned an implement shop in Wishek, ND. So, not as many famers as you thought.