Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hope in God alone

I'm not entirely sure why, but I've been having a difficult week emotionally. I've been clinging to Psalm 62, especially this:
In God alone there is rest for my soul,
from him comes my safety;
with him alone for my rock, my safety,
my fortress, I can never fall.

At times I am so worried and anxious, driven by the need for approval. (I know, it doesn't always show.) But in God, my soul finds rest. He always loves. I may fail in everything, but in him, I am safe, even from my own failure.

In God, I find shelter; rely on him,
people, at all times;

unburden your hearts to him,
God is a shelter for us.

This is so true! I have found shelter from this heat, from my own fear. I love the picture of intimacy with god, "unburden your hearts to him." When other relationships are shaky, sour, or pressed, I can pour my heart out always to this love.

God has spoken once,
twice I have heard this;
it is for God to be strong,
for you, Lord, to be loving;

and you yourself repay

as my works deserve.

(Repayment as my works deserve is a whole 'nother conversation. ask me sometime if you don't know.)
In the middle of this stanza I always think it will say, "it is for you God to be strong, for you to be just," I don't know why I always expect that, but always am in wonderment to fine that God is strong, God is loving. Ahhh.

That is the way it is, and the next psalm, 63, says it so well. With God I find ever-increasing desire and ever-increasing fulfillment, like good love. I set my heart anywhere else, and find increasing desire and diminishing satisfaction, like an addiction.

We've been arty around here lately. I'm working on a little last-minute illustration project. (it's coming Abby!) I had been putting it off and as I started the drawings found to my surprise that I actually like art. No less, I'm good at it. Ha. A nice thing to rediscover.

These pics are from when our dear friend Liz (Dr. Fleming, that is) visited earlier in the summer.
Here Gibbie is watercolouring. This week he had his first try with the bamboo pen and walnut ink. His beautiful drawings are up on our front door if you want to take a look!

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