Friday, January 22, 2010

Fire Roasting

I mentioned a couple of posts ago about roasting coffee over an open fire with my buddy Pat. He was good enough to share the pictures from this adventure, and so I will too.
You can see by the color that they're pretty early in the roast process above.
I can just barely see that Pat was wearing his Clover t-shirt. Very appropriate.

As Pat said, it was a "fantastic uneven roast."

Not good coffee, but a very good time.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen our pictures of the Ethiopian coffee ceremonies? Every single time they made us coffee it was fresh roasted over an open flame...and usually done indoors. I don't drink coffee but it smelled amazing. And always served with popcorn.


paul said...

I haven't seen your pictures, but I have seen pictures of it. I'm sure a culture that's been doing it for hundreds of years could come up with better results than pat and I did!

Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

Served with popcorn! That's interesting. Yeah Paul, that was a fantastic time. I'm glad to see your air popper though, that's got to be a fun roast when you and Gib do them.