Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pat's Wedding

Here we are. Pat and Angela got married on December 12th, and boy was it a great time. They were married in a rural Wisconsin Bar/Polka hall. It was one of the most enjoyable weddings I've ever attended.

As was previously mentioned, Libby made the kilts with some help from our friend Abby. The rest of the suits were rented from The Celtic Croft: very nice people. (The horse was a friend of a friend's.)


Mrs. Pivec said...

What a gorgeous photo! Those kilts are just stunning. I bet their leggies were a weee bit cold, though! It looks like it would have been a terrific wedding - the guys all look so handsome!

Myra said...

Libby and Paul, I just wanted you to know that I check this blog regularly and I'm ready for a new post.

Also, when am I going to see you guys actually wearing your kilts?

Sorry for being a nag. I do love you all so much and love reading your blog. See you Sunday, no, tonight at the cabaret. (Maybe wear your kilts there? hint, hint)