Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coffee Shop Story Time

Here we are with some favorite coffee-shop family activities. We keep needing to remind ourselves that the goal of parenting is not to find something to entertain the children so that we can ignore them and do our own thing. We usually have more fun when we are all present together. This does not exclude adult conversation and down times! It just means we don't exclude the needs of the children when we plan our day, and we shift internally to enjoying one another each as we are today. (i.e., posh location, exquisite drinks, grown-up books and kid books) Oh, and we have some fun.First, we are doing a little free pen and ink drawing with supplies from Libby's little art-on-the-go kit. (like this Chinese set, a gift or this homemade one.) This takes no planning. Even Ezra can do this.Small amount of planning: bringing a few choice reads. Lately we've been way into Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Blueberries for Sal, and Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea.I truly love reading aloud, and both kids are engaging so deeply with the stories.I love this last picture because we're all doing the same thing with our faces.

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Mandy said...

Libby and Paul and Gibby and Ezra!!! I love this post and all the pictures - especially the last one of all your faces! You're all very "into" the story - I wish I'd been there to listen. You're a great story teller, Libby. Makes me remember the times you've read to me. :)

I'm in Kuwait right now, waiting to take the GRE in Kuwait City on the 5th. I'm HOPING and Praying I get into grad school for the fall, then it'll be back to the states with me, hopefully on to DC. I should be back in June, and I can't wait to visit all of you! I love you soooo much! P.S. my beautiful socks maintain a position of honor on my bed and keep my feet warm, especially on cold desert nights like these. More than than they make me remember you and all the love put into them. I love you guys! :)
- Mandy