Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poetry for the weary pilgrim

My Lord, I have no clothes to come to thee;
My shoes are pierced and broken with the road;
I am torn and weathered, wounded with the goad,
And soiled with tugging at my weary load:
The more I need thee! A very prodigal
I stagger into thy presence, Lord of me:
One look, my Christ, and at thy feet I fall!

George MacDonald, Diary of an Old Soul

Sorry to any friends whose calls we have not returned. We have been knocked off our feet by a little virus, and life in general. (The question was "Raising sputum?" and the answer, sadly, was "Yes!") Thanks to Natalie for cleaning our house--she even cleaned the dreaded corner back behind the nursing couch! And thanks to Becky, for taking care of me and the kids with fevers last Sunday. And thanks to Myra and Doug for everything. And thanks to Lacy for special prayer help.

We are returning to health, and trying to get back into a rhythm where we can perform all basic functions again, so don't worry, but thanks for all your prayers. We have lots of things we are hoping to share soon. Much love, all of us.

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