Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cousin Love

The little vacation we took a while back is still percolating and bubbling around inside Gibbie. He is constantly replaying the places we went and things we did. Ezra climbs into the toy stroller and Gibbie loads it up with toys and pushes him around the house. This is called an "outing", a la Francis the Badger (a favorite character from a storybook). They take outings to the cabin, the woods, the meadow, and the lake house. They even visit the outhouse!

On this trip, the kids also got to spend some good time with some of their cousins. They have some great girl cousins who are so good with babies and little kids that Gib and Ever hardly even knew their younger boy cousins. Well, the girls weren't along on this trip, but the boys were.

Eddy and Oakley ran a diner where they took our orders and made us omelets. When Nathan came, they made and played in GIANT leaf piles. They played toys in the lake house. (Gibbie, insists it is not a cabin, and compared to our rustic cabin, it's not.) Our littles listened to the big cousins talking and making and playing. It was just a little regular time together, really.
But now the cousins are showing up at our house. Gibbie tells me that Eddy and Oakley are coming on our walk today. They're making omelets in the kitchen, and he likes omelets! We need a chair for Nathan at the kitchen table, because he's eating with us. Sometimes a little time playing together goes a long way.

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