Saturday, September 22, 2007

the gift of a sweater!

We are so grateful for the many, many gifts we have been given! With the nip in the air I've been hankering to turn some knitted items off the needles myself. It's surprising because I thought knitting was too tedious for me, but the idea of making things to keep my family warm really appeals to me. I also read a book I borrowed from my mom called Knitter's Almanac, and read The Opinionated Knitter from the library, both by one wonderful Elizabeth Zimmerman. She is a knitter and designer of knitted patterns. As my mom said, reading her is like learning to knit from your grandmother. She introduced me to an idea I really like; knitting is creating a garment with no waste. It is made in three dimensions, exactly to fit the wearer, and there are no scraps of fabric to throw away. Hardly an inch of yarn is wasted.So Paul and I just happened to be right by the most lovely little local yarn shop, Borealis Yarns, and I was enticed by a skein of wool. We bought this one little 8-ounce skein as a splurge, I knit it into hat and mittens for Ezra, and I just figured that had to be the end of it; I can't just go around buying very much yarn, it's just so expensive. I commented to Mom that I just didn't think I could take up knitting as a hobby, because of the cost.

Not more than a week or two later, a dear woman from our church approached my mother, asking her if we would please possibly be interested in taking a large quantity of astoundingly beautiful yarn off her hands! Would we? Oh, let me think about it for a moment... umm...well, we wasted no time in high-tailing it over to her lovely home that very night (while Paul and Opa graciously watched the boys for a lot longer than they thought they would have to) while Mom and I were in knitting dreamland.
This lovely woman sat us down and told us stories about each of the yarns. It was a really fun and inspiring time of sharing and listening. She also just happens to have fabulous taste!

After I caught my breath, I astonished myself and the bystanders at the library by knitting up this lacy baby jacket. (Elizabeth Zimmerman's Febuary Baby Jacket) It worked up, fitting nicely, with room to grow. It was seriously fun to knit, as the lacy pattern was simple and engaging, and the rainbowy yarn kept me excited to see what color was coming next.

So, things I am grateful for; a family and friends to knit things for, hands and mind that work so well, the generosity of others, provision from God (he is the one who knows what we need before we ask), autumn coming and the chance to bundle up, and warmth and beauty. Thank you thank you!

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amanda said...

This is a beautiful post. Lovely sweater, cute babe, interesting thoughts and a happy ending :)

I'm enjoying your blog, I just found it when you visited me yesterday.