Saturday, September 8, 2007

Food Colour Study

Three days a week I get up well before dawn to be the opener at Amore Coffee. It has become my habit to listen to the BBC on Amore's satellite radio during the still dark half hour before I open for business. I've done it so much now that I can time what part of my mental opening checklist I should be on by what segment of the World Service I'm listening to.

I hear a lot of interesting stuff and I'm never quite sure which things make it to the American media or not. Something I heard a few days ago caught my attention. It was a study showing a direct link between common food coloring and preservatives and hyperactivity in "average" three and eight year-olds. Gibbie and Ezra don't eat much of that kind of food, so I'm not so concerned about how this effects our family. What does interest me is how something so common in our culture could have such a far-reaching unintended effect.

I heard the article on the BBC, but you can read it here.

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