Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Friendship and Time, How to Comment

Paul and I started this blog because we are bad correspondents. We want so to keep in close touch with our loved ones; friends and family, and find ourselves falling short in this regard. If they gave awards for being bad at keeping in touch, I think we might get one. This isn't the way we want it to be, however, and so we started blogging in hopes of finding a way to share our lives and keep those lines open.
We also want to share with anyone curious all kinds of wonderful, beautiful things we are discovering.

There are so many things we want to post about that we haven't yet. Much of what is dearest to us, we haven't even touched upon. (except the kids.) Part of this is in the difficulty of writing and writing well about Big Things. We're new at this and often it's easier to post on a simple project than on something more complex. Certainly another element is that we can't share stories that aren't ours to tell, though they may hugely intersect with our own path. Still figuring out how and what to communicate here. There are natural limitations--this can never be a totally full picture of us. We do, however, have some big things in the works we may be able to share about soon; stay tuned!

All this is to say; please leave a comment! Say hi, say what you think, tell us about yourself; we welcome your comments!
How to Comment: At the bottom of each post, you will find a link to comment. It will say "0 comments" or "2 comments" or whatever.
Click on it. You will get a screen that lets you type in a comment.
You can post anonymously if you want. Click on "other" and you can put your name (or pseudonym!) and web address if you like. You don't have to have a web log yourself or website or anything else in order to comment! It's just like a leaving a note on our door.

I'm not giving up on old-fashioned correspondence, either; just admitting my weakness and trying another avenue. I actually regularly write paper letters that always seem to get lost en route to the mailbox! Nothing new, alack!


Kevin said...

Here's a pity comment.


Bethany said...

here-- I'm going to comment.
I just wanted to say that your blog really puts some joy in my life. In the huge and usually mind-sucking world of the internet its really nice to find some people I love doing little things that matter.
It was so nice to see you on Sunday! Maybe we can have a picnic sometime over the summer, or Lyssa and I can come watch the kids again. Any time spent with you is time very well spent in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I read and re-read your blog. :) I can't get enough of my sweet little boys.

See you soon.

Rebecca said...

Hey Libby and Paul,
I've been reading your posts, and it's nice to hear about what's going on in your life! I especially enjoy the pictures. I'm super excited to hear about your grease-eating car. It's refreshing to know there are people who live such conscious and conscientious lives.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lib! I had a tough time trying to figure that one out, sometimes there isn't a comment button. I wanted to comment on the one about Gib and how his emotions are raw, that was a beautiful blog. Mom is also here reading this with me and she knows how to comment too now.


Liz W said...

Hi guys,

I just read your blog, which I had only done once if ever in the past. I enjoyed the little windows into your lives and thoughts. And now I want to know: what is the origin of the "Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me..." song? It ended up on my iPod (my big step into the new millenium, and part of a complex jury-rigged stereo system on my old car) somewhat circuitously, and I don't know anything about it except that it amuses me.

Nancy Atwater said...

Hi Paul!

You have wonderful children and your blog is very interesting. I would be game to try a goat's milk latte sometime but definitely not soy...

Nancy Atwater
(Latte Lady)