Thursday, May 10, 2007

More crawling thoughts

I'm just amazed at Ezra crawling. It's like a miracle every time he does it. It takes so much effort! Did you see the video clip? Well, it's much more suspenseful in person-- he makes these frustrated, distressed little noises, and his concentration is so intense; it takes every ounce of his power and coordination!

It's funny, I don't remember the first time Gibbie crawled on all fours. He was a slider. He slid for months on his belly, and boy, was he fast! He would drool and slide over his drool track, mopping up after himself; somewhere between a slug and a swiffer. He gradually transitioned into this more traditional crawl.

Ezra's been moving for a while, spinning on his belly, sit-to-lay extensions, inching forward or back by extreme reaching, clambering up on or over things; but he didn't really slide like Gibbie at all. I thought sliding was the natural precursor to crawling, but they each have to blaze their own trail.

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Anonymous said...

It took Lexi forever to crawl. She took off walking before she crawled, so even now her crawling seems like such an effort. It's never done quietly - always grunting and breathing loudly - she sounds like she's just done a marathon when she finishes crawling across her bedroom.