Monday, May 21, 2007

Little linen backpack

I don't know if this has happened since the kids were born-- I started and finished a project in the same sitting! Ok, only if you count breaks for nursing and moving the whole thing outside, and doing finishing details sitting on the ground while preventing my littlest from catapaulting himself off the neighbors' deck; but still-- this is a completed object in one single afternoon!

This is a simple little backpack. It is made from linen napkins I picked up at a garage sale while Paul was purchasing our new car. It is lined and has a pocket and and interior divider, and none of the seams are raw! This is the first lined bag I have made. I didn't have a pattern but saw a good tutorial a while ago on making lined bags and have been turning the concept over in my head to try and understand how it works, and look! It works!
It's semi-tragic flaw is that the casing for the drawstring ended up too tight for the straps. I think it will loosen up with use, however.

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