Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh, it's the Far Northland that's a callin' me away!

I am leading a womens' retreat to the BWCA this summer, and thought I'd post some images from past Boundary Waters trips.  We will be on a big lake, full of islands.  One is called Three Mile Island, to give a sense of scale.

We camp on the lake shore, which is often rocky.  One can hear the water lapping on the shore, and the loons and whip-poor-wills calling.

The surrounding forest is generally mixed pine, fir, and softwoods like birch and aspen.  There are some astounding and ancient cedars.
By August we can hope for fair weather.

I believe this was a picture of our whole family's gear before we loaded the canoe!  We try to pack light.

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