Thursday, August 4, 2011

pretty, happy, funny, real

Capturing the context of Contentment in everyday life:
Pretty. Jess and WillemMoses. Pretty isn't really enough. Golden! Glorious!
Happy. We made these little animals, a dragon and a bunny, with modelling wax boughten from the late toy shop, Wonderment. They were sweet and were cherished and played with for a brief morning before being smashed back into balls of wax.
Funny. William Moses' little head bobbles on his neck, his eyes are wide and focused. His grin without restraint. He practices holding his weight on his two sturdy little feet. He practices his Jazz Hands. (The photo here only captures the smiling eyes.)
Real. The "foreclosure crisis" is quite tangible on our block, where 16 out of 24 homes have been foreclosed upon. This is one is actually on the upswing. The property is being rehabbed by a family who will be living there, just two doors down from us! They took this little doomed house down by hand. It had only one narrow window on its whole eastern face.
We do not begrudge them this demolition, the first promising one we have seen, and are so thankful for their presence. Already, this family adding to the love and life and enthusiasm of this corner of Frogtown. Also, they have two young kids who look like they'll be great playmates!
Look at the grandeur of those trees!

Pretty, happy, funny, real is a weekly link thing from Like Mother, Like Daughter. That blog is one of my lifelines.
Too often, my operating goal is to be happy all the time. Contentment, however, means the acceptance of every circumstance and season and weather and mood, including the difficult and unhappy ones: working, creating, crying, raging, comforting, resting, enjoying, waiting.
Contentment comes from clinging to the one constant through all changes; the love from which none of those things can separate me.
Making the best of things, and celebrating the good and beautiful doesn't hurt either!

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Mrs. Fordyce said...

Your photos are all beautiful, I was especially struck by the old house mid-demolition. However, what really struck me were your words on contentment, and clinging to the constancy of his love. I really needed to be reminded of that, and you expressed it so beautifully!

Lisa said...

I like your black & white photos. It sounds a bit scary to have so much foreclosing in your neighborhood, and I'm glad you've got some good folks coming in.
God bless -

Kh. Patty said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Leila said...

Well put about contentment. I enjoyed reading that!
And that's our goal :)

I think it's so interesting that a wonderful family was able to make an opportunity out of the negative of foreclosed homes. Just think how things will be in 10 years. A real neighborhood with lots of children, maybe?

justamouse said...

your blog is gorgeous, and so is that baby!