Monday, July 4, 2011

Polaroids, new baby survival skills

Well, awesome Paul has found a way of making his old (old, old) Polaroid camera work again. I love how iconic and vintage the pictures look, as if viewed through decades. They are already nostalgic to me because the last time I saw Polaroids was when I was little, so the flaws of the images look to me like the essence of childhood.
Life with a baby; how does one do it? I met a family at the beach with nine children. I want to know: what are their secrets? They didn't look like they were at their wits' ends. They seemed happy and un-desperate, but didn't share the magic beans with me.

Willem is the sweetest baby. He is a daisy, a lamb, a child already. I delight in him, and cherish holding and caring for him. But I can't put him down! He sleeps wonderfully throughout the day, but wakes up in bare minutes if I put him down. He loves to sleep wrapped on to me with cloth, but I can't chop vegetables that way, knead bread, clean the bathroom, do anything that requires two hands in front of me.

When he does get into a deep sleep, I find myself paralyzed with all the things I could be doing! Beginning tasks is getting harder, as the interruptions are constant!
I've done this before--former me, how did you do it? Oh yeah, I cried a lot.


abby said...

Will he sleep riding on your back? Milo was the same - cuddly and sweet but wanting to be held all day long. The day I got him onto my back, our world changed...

MamaBear said...

yes, but I think he is just too little for this yet. His head flops over, and if I tuck it into the wrap to hold it steady, it doesn't seem quite safe, since I can't really see him. Like it might get trapped too tightly against me.
I wore Gib and Ez on my back a lot, but only when they had a lot more head control. Any tips?