Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amore in the Media

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for a review of Amore Coffee by the local online Magazine The Heavy Table. It's great to have our coffee shop reviewed by someone who actually knows a lot about coffee.

On the other hand, Amore tied with Kopplin's for third in Minnesota Monthly's Readers Choice Awards... just after Caribou and Dunn Brothers.

Funny, no?


ilibbus said...

That's a travesty, and really shows the ignorance of Minnesota Monthly readers -- anyone with even the slightest knowledge of coffee would have put Starbucks #1.

Pat "the outdoor cat" Thomas said...

HA, #1. That is funny. It was cool to see Amore up there with Kopplin's, especially since I know that you have had such a great impact on your own customers. I'm just sorry that you'll have to yell at customers now to put their socks back on when this Linea gets installed!