Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Nest on the Porch

I love having a porch. It's the overlapping of indoors and outdoors, public and private, personal and community. Libby recently rearranged ours and feels even more living room like than our actual living room.

Gibbie's favorite thing to do on the porch is make a nest out of pillows and blankets (but mostly pillows). He'll spend a long time contentedly being a little bird going in and out of his nest.


Anonymous said...

Darn cute Paul! I remember the days of forts of blankets under the dining room table. Now the fort is the pile of clothes in their rooms. The latte was awesome! I made savored it all the way home.
Latte Lady - Barb

zollie said...

gibbie has inspired me to live out my dream.

professional porch-fort builder.

seriously, you have the greatest family ever.