Monday, April 9, 2007

Kid's Stuff

Gibbie's feet are making him new friends wherever he goes with these new Dragon Puddle Boots! They were a great gift from the owners of my coffee shop. (Thanks Cathy & Nancy!) They're way too big and have a tendency to fall off, but are easy for him to get on by himself. I really have been surprised at how many comments he gets about them when we're out.
Oma reminded me yesterday that when Gibbie was Ezra's age we used to tie a toy on a string and keep it around his neck. Ezra has entered the age of always wanting an object in his grasp, but generally acting as a object-scattering-agent to his immediate surroundings. The neck string puts a rein on these two opposing forces. If you decide to try this, be aware that it makes some people nervous. At Mary's graduation (when Gib was Ezra's age) we had a little spoon on a string for him. A woman next to us seemed very concerned that he might hang himself while in my lap and said "I didn't know that they were recommending strings of [X] length for babies these days." I guess we don't have the same regard for them as she did.
We usually don't give Gibbie sippy cups, but sometimes he gets one when we're out. It's hot chocolate in there, if you were wondering.

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