Friday, March 9, 2007

My Walk Home

I've been walking home a lot lately. For me, getting exercise just doesn't work for its own sake. It has to also serve some other purpose, like transportation. I could wax gross about the practicality and economy of walking, but really I do it because I like it. Today I was thankful for the rubber overshoes Libby got us at Fleet Farm last weekend. It was slushy!
I used to bike a lot, and probably will again when I get my bike overhauled someday. Still, there are many things that I don't notice about my surroundings even at a bike's pace that are an enjoyable part of the walk. This great doorknob, for instance, I would have never noticed while biking. It's kind of like how I don't often wear headphones in public. I want to be aware of what's around me. While walking I'm most aware.

The walk can be a great prayer time, too. I think I'm best able to be present with someone while having some minor task or habit to do. Drinking a cup of coffee works well while talking with Libby or another friend. Walking works while talking with God. Like I said, noticing things is a big part of the walk. Here's where my new little digital camera comes in handy. Today I realized that it can be my form of sketching. For any kind of artful photography I'd hang on a wall I'm still a big believer in traditional film photography and hand printing in the darkroom. What's digital good for in my mind? Every day photo-doodles.

I've always chuckled at "fine art" pictures of architecture and sculpture, etc. What makes it a good photo is the painstaking work of the architect or sculptor, not the photographer. Sure, you've got to compose the image well, but it still seems like a cop out to me. Nevertheless, here's a nice picture of a wooden sculpture I found on my way home.Sometimes I see stuff that's just weird. This abandoned origami in the snow is kind of visually odd. It's not the weirdest by far, but interesting for today.

The last picture is the view from the footbridge over I-94 on Mackubin Street. It can be exhilarating walking over the flowing river of traffic. It makes this small town boy feel very urban.
Just a couple more blocks after the freeway and I'm home.

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iveand said...

I fully agree regarding exercise as a functional supplement to regular life.

Through the photos I can feel the emotional space of the walk as if I were there.